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Online Services

BPS has developed a specific online service for those calculating Greenhouse Gas Inventories or Carbon Footprints. One of the greatest data modelling challenges is that concerning Scope 3 emissions flight data where large organisations may have hundreds of thousands of flights around the world. A simple way to model this is to estimate an “average” flight and multiply by the number of flights, though accuracy clearly suffers. Another method is to spend weeks on a website calculator with origin and destinations, hoping that the results are comparable with the previous year. There is an alternative.

BPS’s GHG Modeler meets this challenge:

  • Details of over 9,000 airports around the world
  • Great Circle formula used to calculate distances
  • Emissions factors for Domestic, Short-Haul International and Long-Haul International based on travel class
  • User-defined uplift parameters for Distance, Radiative Forcing and Climb-Cruise-Descent
  • Full audit trails

Now these benefits are available as an online service.

Simply send us a CSV, TXT or MS Excel format file with the following details. All travel agency systems should be capable of running this as a standard extract:


Route: 3 digit IATA codes for each airport on the route separated by “/” symbol

# of Flights: Number of flights for that route

# of Travellers: Number of travellers for on that route

Travel Class: Alpha code for each sector of the route

Division Code: Optional

Traveller Name: Optional

Travel Date: DD/MM/YYYY format


All data will be quality-checked against IATA database, route inconsistencies and travel class codes.

Data is then assigned a unique reference number for each record. The record is then split into the route’s individual sectors and the emissions calculated for each sector. Emissions are separately calculated for CO2, CH4, N2O and Scope 3 Supply Chain emissions as well as being shown in total.


Reports are provided in MS Excel and Adobe.pdf format and will usually be available within 1 business day of submission of data.

Contact us at info@bpslink.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details and a quotation based on your data.